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ADBlue Delete Birmingham

About ADBlue Delete

AdBlue is an emission based exhaust after-treatment system, designed to lower NOx emissions.

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is an emission based exhaust after-treatment system, designed to lower NOx emissions.

What is done when doing an AdBlue delete?

We disable the AdBlue function from the ECU, in some cases we also need to get a read from the DCU (dosing control module). With this function disabled there will be no more warning lights, limp mode or even worse, no start condition.

How does AdBlue work?

In short – The AdBlue system is made up from lots of components, AdBlue Tank, AdBlue Pump, AdBlue Injector, SCR Catalytic Converter. The system is controlled by the ECU / DCU and is monitored by many sensors which are very expensive to replace if faulty. UREA is injected into the SCR filter which in turn causes a chemical reaction converting NOx gases into a Nitrogen/water vapour.

Do you have AdBlue Issues?

It is very common for AdBlue faults to cause a non start condition, if this is the case and your Car is in a situation where it will not start or the vehicle is in limp mode with warning lights on the dash, we are able to provide our AdBlue delete service on a mobile basis.

Vehicle Diagnostics

At The Automotive Company we use state of the art tools and equipment for vehicle diagnostics to provide “dealer level intervention” so there’s no need to pay vehicle dealership prices for your diagnostics check next time a dashboard warning light appears in your car.

Mileage Correction

Unlike many Mileage Correction, Calibration services, we use the latest manufacturer-specific equipment to diagnose and recalibrate your speedometer.

Vehicle Coding

Unlock hidden features on your car via coding. Many features are built-in to your car but disabled. We can help activate them for you!

Key Programming

The car key programming services we offer will ensure that your car key will work properly, in a safe manner. The service we offer is more affordable than visiting a dealership for their car key programming service.

Tuning Services

We cover tuning for a very wide range of vehicles. With our Authentic licensed tools, we have the ability to Remap both Petrol and Diesel Engines along with automatic transmissions. We provide a range of tuning services from Economy Remaps, Performance Remaps, DSG Tuning, Van Tuning, EGR Delete and ADBlue Delete.

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