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Pops & Bangs Birmingham

Pops & Bangs Crackle Map / Over-Run Map

This feature can be programmed into the ECU on some petrol and diesel vehicles which results in a pop and bang or crackle noise coming from the exhaust system during engine deceleration. Many manufacturers already implement such a feature from factory on some performance models. The feature offers no performance advantages but does offer a sportier feel and noise.

Normally during engine deceleration the injectors are switched off to prevent fuel from entering the combustion chamber. When applying a pop and bang patch to an ECU we request the injectors to stay open for a short period of time after the throttle plate has closed. The spark timing maps are then adjusted so that the fuel is ignited substantially after TDC (Top Dead Centre). This results in fuel igniting during the exhaust stroke and creating small explosions within the exhaust system. These small explosions are what create the popping and banging noise and in some cases small flames can be seen exiting from the rear silencers.

Is an aftermarket exhaust a necessity for pop & bang ?

No, you can have the sounds even with stock exhausts. However, sports exhausts will give off louder pops and bangs. This is why we have 2 stages of pop & bang modifications with two different software designs:
Pop & Bang Tuning Files: Stage 1 is used for the cars with stock parts and regular exhausts. This modification results in pops and bangs of moderate loudness, but definitely enough to make you noticed.
Pop & Bang Stage 2 Tuning Files: requires sports or aftermarket exhaust and in combination with these, it provides the loudest pops and bangs around. The aftermarket exhaust lets us go wild with the software adjustment and not hold back due to the limitations of the stock catalyst. If the Stage 1 makes people notice you, Stage 2 makes them scared!
Mind you, catalytic converter has to be removed for pop & bang Stage 2 modification since it cannot withstand the temperatures and stress caused by the modification.

Is turbocharger a necessity for Pop & Bang?

No, it’s not. You can have pop & bang even on naturally aspirated engines. Of course, since without turbo we can’t deal with the turbo lag, the cool sound will be the only benefit, albeit an amazing one.

The good side of Pop & Bang

pop & bang sounds awesome! You can hear them when you lift off the throttle pedal during, deceleration or braking or when releasing the throttle between shifts. It definitely turns a lot of heads, but it also gives you the feeling of driving a hardcore sports car, since these kinds of sounds have usually been reserved for the top notch supercars. Well, now you can have them, too!

Secondly, for turbo engines, it adds another benefit of the mentioned anti-lag system, which greatly improves the reaction time of the turbocharger. After pop & bang modification, your turbocharged car will not only sound meaner, but it will also be faster and offer that amazing feel of continuous acceleration that many turbocharged cars lack.

The bad side of pop & bang

All of the bad sides are inherent due to the pop and bang mechanism and the most devastating ones come from modifications which are not performed properly. If your pop & bang modification is performed properly, the risks still exist, but they are definitely not that dangerous.
The most devastating side effects for your engine include damage to the valves, turbine and piston heads due to the explosions which happen at very high temperatures. These components outside the cylinders are not intended to ever get into touch with such high temperatures.
The same feature means that pop & bang Stage 2 is not the best option for cars which have stock exhausts with a catalytic converter. If you want Stage 2 Pop & Bang, you will need to remove the stock catalyst. Stage 1 Pop & Bang can be done on stock parts, including the catalyst and it will result in milder pops and bangs
Many people who understand how engines work think that the late ignition automatically means that performance is hampered, since the best moment for ignition is when the piston is in the top position, or just before that. However, this is not so. Matching delayed ignition with the moments of low load means that this happens only when you lift your foot off the throttle pedal, so no performance loss occurs. In fact, even with the foot off the throttle pedal, high revs of the turbo after the modification improve the engine response and performance.

Is pop & bang safe?

Even though the mere fact that the explosions happen in the space that is not designed to deal with the resulting temperatures should mean that pop & bang is not safe, if the schubabschaltung modification is properly developed, it is safe.
In fact, many car companies such as VW, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lamborghini offer OEM pop & bang feature and that one is bound to be safe. In most cases, this feature is activated in sports mode.
Being too aggressive with pop & bang modification can result in loss of power and serious damage to the engine, valves, turbo and exhaust. However, thorough testing and measuring ensures a mod which is completely safe and sounds great.

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