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Economy Remap Birmingham

About Economy Remap

At The Automotive Company we specialise in economy remapping of all types of modern car and van engines. Whether it is for an individual car or for a fleet of company vehicles, we can save you money by improving each vehicles efficiency and improving its MPG.

How much can I really save?

All vehicle manufacturers choose to limit the power and efficiency of the vehicles they produce to the lowest common denominator of all the markets they sell in. They make allowances for poor fuel quality, emission targets and extreme operating environments that may not necessarily be relevant to the UK market and therefore result in suboptimal performance.  Our Economy tuning upgrade will reprogram your vehicles ECU in line with parameters specific to the UK.  You will see an immediate improvement in the drivability of your car along with significant gains in fuel consumption.

What is the process of Economy Tuning?

Before we carry out any remapping we always carry out a full diagnostic health check of your vehicle to ensure it is in the correct state of health and no current engine issues are present. We believe that drivability and reliability is as important as performance and therefore when you chose to improve your vehicles MPG with The Automotive Company you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands.
Our Economy remaps are becoming increasingly popular with rising fuel prices, we will recalibrate the ECU data of your vehicle to suit specific UK driving conditions.  This will result in improved fuel efficiency and an increase in the torque of your engine improving both the MPG and drivability of your vehicle.

Check the performance gains for YOUR car now

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Vehicle Diagnostics

At The Automotive Company we use state of the art tools and equipment for vehicle diagnostics to provide “dealer level intervention” so there’s no need to pay vehicle dealership prices for your diagnostics check next time a dashboard warning light appears in your car.

Mileage Correction

Unlike many Mileage Correction, Calibration services, we use the latest manufacturer-specific equipment to diagnose and recalibrate your speedometer.

Vehicle Coding

Unlock hidden features on your car via coding. Many features are built-in to your car but disabled. We can help activate them for you!

Key Programming

The car key programming services we offer will ensure that your car key will work properly, in a safe manner. The service we offer is more affordable than visiting a dealership for their car key programming service.

Tuning Services

We cover tuning for a very wide range of vehicles. With our Authentic licensed tools, we have the ability to Remap both Petrol and Diesel Engines along with automatic transmissions. We provide a range of tuning services from Economy Remaps, Performance Remaps, DSG Tuning, Van Tuning, EGR Delete and ADBlue Delete.

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