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Mileage Correction

Mileage Correction

Modern cars are fitted with digital odometers/speedometers, these are in general more accurate than the older analogue odometers. However these newer digital odometers can become corrupted, leading to inaccurate mileage readings. When this happens the vehicle’s EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory)
requires re-adjustment.

This can happen on any type of car, van or bike with a digital mileage display. If you have a newer Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Ford, Citroen, Kia or any other make you may have experienced this. This is when digital mileage correction can be the only answer to your problem.

Is it legal to undertake digital mileage correction on my car?

Reasons why you’d require our services would be for example you’ve changed the speedometer on your vehicle, the car has been involved in an accident and caused a power surge on the system, or you’ve jumped started the vehicle and the mileage either jumped to 999,999 or a different figure. We are now coming across more and more ECU failures from water damage, once you replace the ECU kit you’d have to correct the mileage to match the mileage which should be on the vehicle.
Changing and correcting your mileage for any of the reasons above is perfectly legal. It is however, illegal if you knowingly sell the vehicle without informing the buyer of the true mileage.
We only provide our digital mileage correction service to allow you to remedy the problems of inaccurate or corrupted odometers. Our services must be used with the intention that they are for legitimate reasons. By accepting our service the customer acknowledges this to be true. You must note that if a customer sells the vehicle on to someone else then it is the seller’s responsibility to inform the new buyer of the changes to the mileage display.

How is my mileage corrected?

Every vehicle has a different method for mileage correction depending on the electronic equipment the manufacturer has installed. Correction is achieved either by diagnostic programming via the OBDII port, or a direct connection to the EEPROM or Micro Controller on the instrument cluster that stores the mileage data.

Mileage Correction hardware?

Not only is there a multitude of advertised “Mileage Correction Experts” on the web, there is also a lot of ‘clone’ mileage correction equipment coming out of Asia. The equipment is cheap allowing for more individuals to purchase and advertise their mileage correction services.
However, their equipment comes with no back office support. If an unknown software version is discovered on a new vehicle, they will be unable to correct your mileage and may even corrupt your existing data. Mileage correction can involve programming of vehicle alarm units, which if performed incorrectly may immobilise your vehicle and require a dealer visit £££££. Do not take that chance.
The Automotive Company have invested in the No.1 mileage correction equipment throughout Europe and we regularly receive software updates for the latest vehicles. Our equipment also comes with 12 hour/7 day support from the suppliers in case we encounter a unknown or variant software version on your vehicle.

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